Photo Credit: San Miguel County Sheriff's Office.

Photo Credit: San Miguel County Sheriff's Office.

According to the San Miguel County Sheriff's Offfice, Black Bear Pass and Bridal Veil Road were closed early on Sunday following a severe rollover crash that involved a 2021 Ford Bronco. The roads have since reopened.

At about 7:45 AM, two people entered Black Bear Pass going the wrong direction after not seeing a sign indicating the one-way nature of the dangerous road, which is located above Telluride. After completing several of the switchbacks, the two made the decision to turn around. The passenger got out of the vehicle to assist in navigation. While the vehicle was backing up, two wheels raised up onto an embankment, causing the vehicle to roll.

The vehicle rolled approximately 400 feet after sliding off a cliff. The driver was ejected, along with a one-year-old dog that was in the vehicle. The engine of the vehicle also came off.

The driver that was ejected suffered serious injuries. The dog was treated for minor injuries and is doing well. The passenger was not in the vehicle nor struck by it when it was rolling, thus, was uninjured. No other people were injured or killed by the falling car or debris.

According to initial reports from the San Miguel County Sheriff's Office, the driver involved in the wreck is an out-of-state 23-year-old female. The road reopened around 10 AM.

Black Bear Pass is one of the most dangerous four-wheel-drive roads in the state, meant to be driven by only the most experienced drivers in the most capable of vehicles. It is extremely narrow with a number of cliff drops.

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