Mountain road affected by snowfall in winter Photo Credit: Melih Evren Burus (iStock).

Photo Credit: Melih Evren Burus (iStock).

Fresh powder is expected to hit a large chunk of Colorado within a few days.

A first wave of snow is forecasted to move through most Colorado mountain ranges from Monday into Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service. Forecasters at indicate that this will drop somewhere between two to six inches on most peaks. A second wave of snow is expected to hit the state on Friday, with potential for double-digit accumulations (See the full daily report here, which includes some resort-specific predictions).

According to a Powderchasers report from Unofficial Networks, this second wave of snow that's expected to hit Colorado could drop up to two feet of snow in parts of the San Juan mountains.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the incoming weather is that snow is once again expected to miss most of the Front Range, including Denver and Colorado Springs.

Denver passed its 'latest first snow' date after staying dry on November 21, since stretching its snowless streak to 225 days – the third-longest snowless streak for the city ever. If Denver still hasn't gotten snow by Sunday, December 12, the city will tie its longest snowless streak ever recorded, at 235 days, set in 1887. If December 13 remains snowless, too, a new record will be set, destined to be broken each snowless day after that.

Whether or not Denver beats this streak may be a close call, with the Weather Channel forecast predicting a high of 32 degrees in the Mile High City on December 11 amid clouds and a 24 percent chance of precipitation. That's not a prediction that snow will hit, but it is the day with the most favorable conditions for snowfall to take place. Most days over the next couple weeks are expected to be above freezing and dry in Denver.

Meanwhile, Colorado Springs tied its 'latest first snowfall' record on December 2 and if no snow falls today (hint, it won't), a new record will be set. Based on the Weather Channel forecast, the next best chance of snow in Colorado Springs seems to be on December 11, as well, though that is not certain by any means.

Snowpack in Colorado continues to dwindle, now at 54 percent of the to-date median statewide. In the southwest corner of the state, it's at just 31 percent.

Drought also continues to worsen, with 95 percent of the state experiencing some level of drought – up seven percent from a week ago. Denver is experiencing 'severe' drought, the third of four levels, for the first time in nine months, according to KDVR.

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