A bald eagle nest in Barr Lake State Park in January 2021 before the tree fell in April, destroying the nest and killing the unhatched eaglets inside. 

A bald eagle nesting tree at Barr Lake State Park in Adams County has fallen, killing the unhatched eaglets inside, Colorado Parks and Wildlife announced Tuesday.

Parks and wildlife responded to the downed tree, discovering two eggs underwater and the eaglets dead.

Park staff said the nest was destroyed, but they retrieved the basket to the nest that was originally put up in the tree in 1986.

“We will work with our biologist to put the basket back up later this summer in a viable tree,” CPW said on Twitter.

The tree, which was dead, appears to have fallen naturally.

Bald eagle nests can be 7 to 8 feet across and are usually located in tall trees high above the ground. Bald eagles often nest near water and on dead limbs of trees, likely so their view is not blocked by foliage.

Female bald eagles lay only one to three eggs at a time, with an incubation period of about 35 days. Both the male and female eagles keep the eggs warm during incubation.

Though bald eagles were declared endangered until 1995 and then threatened until 2007, their populations have restored significantly over recent decades.

In 2015, CPW estimated there were more than 125 nesting pairs of bald eagles in Colorado and, in 2020, officials said 116 bald eagles were counted at Barr Lake State Park during a five-minute scan.


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