Photo Courtesy of the Colorado State Patrol via Twitter.

Photo Courtesy of the Colorado State Patrol via Twitter. 

Driving with snow and ice on top of a vehicle poses a dangerous hazard to others on the road. Recent snowfall prompted the Colorado State Patrol to take to social media to remind Coloradans of this risk.

"This could seriously hurt / kill someone when it shifts off," CSP explained in a tweet Thursday. "Imagine a 5+ [pound] object hitting your windshield at any speed, in addition to the immediate loss of vision if the object doesn’t puncture through."

The safety reminder comes just days after a historic snowstorm blasted parts of the state with several feet of snow, resulting in a 26-hour closure of Denver International Airport, massive power outages, and plenty of chaos on the roadways.

The snow season isn't over quite yet. Snow typically falls in Colorado from October to March, with some seasons stretching into May or June.

Another big snowstorm is likely just days away, with totals currently expected to land between one and two feet in some areas.

Before hitting the road after a snowstorm, make sure your car is clean of snow and ice to avoiding limiting the visibility of those around you and causing accidents that could result in serious injury or death.

Editor's Note: To keep up with the latest closures and delays on highways and roads across the state, check CDOT’s Facebook, Twitter (@coloradodot) or


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Sadly cops only police speeders they don't care about safety


Rubbish. It's the public that has so many people that drive like idiots, you see them every day of the week.

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