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Photo Credit: carlballou (iStock).

Earlier this year, Safewise released their seventh annual 'safest cities' report for 2021, during which they ranked cities around Colorado based on violent crime and property crime rates.

See the safest and most dangerous cities included on their list below. The abbreviation 'VC' stands for violent crime and 'PC' stands for property crime. The rate listed is per 1,000 residents:

Editor's Note: Some population centers were too small to be included and others failed to submit a full crime report to the FBI, according to Safewise. Because of this, some cities are omitted. Find more info on that below.

The safest cities were:

  1. Frederick (0.0 VC rate, 1.0 PC rate)
  2. Milliken (0.1 VC rate, 3.6 PC rate)
  3. Severance (0.4 VC rate, 2.8 PC rate)
  4. Lamar (0.0 VC rate, 10.8 PC rate)
  5. Firestone (0.4 VC rate, 8.2 PC rate)
  6. Eaton (0.5 VC rate, 7.2 PC rate)
  7. Cherry Hills Village (0.4 VC rate, 11.0 PC rate)
  8. Castle Rock (0.4 VC rate, 14.3 PC rate)
  9. Erie (1.1 VC rate, 9.0 PC rate)
  10. Dacono (0.8 VC rate, 11.4 PC rate)

The most dangerous cities were:

  1. Sheridan (4.5 VC rate, 72.2 PC rate)
  2. Alamosa (6.2 VC rate, 50.7 PC rate)
  3. Sterling (7.9 VC rate, 34 PC rate)
  4. Denver (7.5 VC rate, 37.4 PC rate)
  5. Cañon City (6.1 VC rate, 48.7 PC rate)
  6. Lone Tree (3.1 VC rate, 69.5 PC rate)
  7. La Junta (4.6 VC rate, 55.3 PC rate)
  8. Aurora (7.4 VC rate, 29.2 PC rate)
  9. Colorado Springs (5.9 VC rate, 36.7 PC rate)
  10. Trinidad (4.7 VC rate, 43.1 PC rate)

It's important to note that several cities were not included on the full list because they did not submit a complete crime report to the FBI, according to Safewise. Pueblo, Colorado is one location not included on this list that has a notoriously high crime rate. According to KDVR, Pueblo has the highest rate of violent crime among the state's cities, with an estimated 1,142.08 violent crimes per 100,000 residents in 2020 – a 11.4 VC rate on the Safewise list, which is higher than any other city in the state. Had it been included, it is likely that Pueblo would have been a contender to top the 'most dangerous cities' list.

See the full list here.

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