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Photo Credit: 200mm (iStock).

Colorado is starting to get a reputation of being a pretty expensive place to live. According to the 'cost of living' index featured on the Area Vibes website, that's not wrong. On a scale where the national average cost of living is rated as 100, Colorado scores a 111. This is on par with Chicago's score of 111, much cheaper than California's 141 score, and significantly above Texas' score of 92.

While life in Colorado is a bit pricier than many spots around the country, that's not the case everywhere.

Here's a look at the 10 cheapest places to live in Colorado in 2021, based on the Area Vibes cost of living index:

Editor's Note: The smallest population town on this list is home to just over 5,000. It may be possible to find a cheaper cost of living in some smaller communities around the state of Colorado. It's also worth noting that 'cost of living' scores can vary by source. For example, while the 'Federal Heights' Area Vibes score is 82 with the national average at 100, says that the city is 14 percent lower than the national average cost of living. Comparatively, HomeSnacks rated the town as '80' on a similar scale, also with the national average at 100. Meanwhile, gave the town a 'B-' cost of living rating, while scored the town as a 116.8 on a similar 100 scale. In fewer words, this rating can vary depending on what criteria is included in the judgement. For this list, we used only the Area Vibes rating for the sake of consistency. We also found that this collection of ratings seemed to be most similar to other sources.

1. Federal Heights

Cost of living score: 82

Population: 12,173

Location: Adams County, Denver metro

2. Lamar

Cost of living score: 83

Population: 7,662

Location: Prowers County, southeast Colorado

3. La Junta

Cost of living score: 85

Population: 6,978

Location: Otero County, southeast Colorado

4. Sterling

Cost of living score: 87

Population: 13,976

Location: Logan County, northeast Colorado

5. Pueblo

Cost of living score: 88

Population: 108,385

Location: Pueblo County, southcentral Colorado

6. Fort Morgan

Cost of living score: 89

Population: 11,346

Location: Morgan County, northeast Colorado

7. Trinidad

Cost of living score: 89

Population: 8,280

Location: Las Animas County, southern Colorado

8. Brush

Cost of living score: 90

Population: 5,458

Location: Morgan County, northeast Colorado

9. Alamosa

Cost of living score: 90

Population: 9,671

Location: Alamosa County, southern Colorado

10. Derby

Cost of living score: 92

Population: 8,930

Location: Adams County, Denver metro

In case you're curious, Denver's cost of living score is 116, Colorado Springs earned a 106, and Boulder scored a 144 – higher than Aspen's 140.

Looking for a 'cheap' big city? Check out this list here.

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I've been to all those towns, and there's a pretty good reason the cost of living is cheap in those places. Just sayin' ......


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Derby? Where the heck is Derby where the heck is Derby?

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