Frozen Pinecones

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A massive cold front that hit the state of Colorado resulted in a wild weather swing in recent days, dropping temperatures to record-setting lows.

Following a cold Monday, frigid conditions were present around the state on Tuesday morning, with temperatures dropping as low as 6 degrees in Fort Collins and Loveland, 2 degrees in Akron, -2 degrees in Sterling, -3 degrees in Limon, -9 degrees in Greeley, and -22 in Walden. Here’s a look at a few other cold temperatures experienced around the state:

What seems to be the coldest reported Tuesday morning temperature was experienced in Hebron, Colorado, where temperatures plunged to -33 degrees. This small town is located in North Park at an elevation of over 8,000 feet.

The frigid temperatures also snapped a 95-year-old record in the Mile High City of Denver. Record cold temperatures swept through Denver with lows of 8 degrees on Tuesday morning, breaking the previous daily record of 11 degrees set in 1925. It's also worth noting that the daily high temperature was just 15 degrees on Monday, making it the coldest October daily high temperature that Denver has ever recorded. The previous record was 18 degrees.

The temperature in Pueblo dropped to a low of -8 degrees Tuesday morning, smashing the previous record of 8 degree for this date, set in 1997. This also breaks the all-time record low for the month of October in Pueblo, which was previously set at -6 degrees on Oct 30, 2019.

Colorado Springs also broke a record Tuesday morning with an all-time daily low temperature of 1 degree. The previous record was set in 1997 at 16 degrees. 

While it's beginning to feel a lot like winter outside after nearly two feet of snow dropped in the mountains, warmer temperatures are likely to return this weekend for parts of the state. It's also worth noting that more cold weather and possible snow could occur prior to things warming up.

Editor’s Note: All weather statements and snow accumulations are subject to change. Check the official  Colorado Department of Transportation website for up-to-date information on road conditions and the  National Weather Service for updates on incoming storms. For your mountain forecast, we recommend visiting  OpenSnow

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