Pikes Peak rain shower Photo Credit: sequential5 (iStock).

Photo Credit: sequential5 (iStock).

While Friday and Saturday are expected to be warm and dry around much of Colorado, storms are set to hit the state on Sunday, lasting for multiple days.

According to the National Weather Service, near-record-setting temperatures will be reached around the state on Friday. While Denver's forecasted high of 89 is expected to approach a record daily high of 93 degrees, temperatures in Breckenridge are expected to tie a record daily high of 70 degrees, set in 1894.

Isolated thunderstorms are also a risk on the Eastern Plains and Front Range on Friday.

Come Sunday, expect a big uptick of stormy weather along much of the Front Range and in the Central Mountain region. While this will appear in the form of scattered showers and thunderstorms in most places where people live, higher peaks may end up seeing some snow – those totals should still be low.

For example, Quandary Peak is expected to get about six to eight inches of snow through next Tuesday, with Longs Peak likely to see a couple more inches, but still under a foot, according to Mountain-Forecast.com. Meanwhile, Pikes Peak is expected to see little-to-no snow.

While snow is unlikely to impact travel, it may pose a risk in the backcountry. Hikers in the backcountry should pay close attention to the forecast and pack layers for colder temperatures, especially those in the mountains on Sunday. It's also important to note that avalanche risk still exists.

Find more detailed information about specific areas on the National Weather Service website.

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