Photo Credit: Breanna Sneeringer, OutThere Colorado.

Photo Credit: Breanna Sneeringer, OutThere Colorado.

It's no secret that Coloradans love their dogs. A state home to many trails, lakes, and other opportunities to get outside, a pup can be the ultimate adventure companion.

According to a recent study from Honest Paws, Colorado animal shelters often don't have enough pets. The adoption rate over the past five years for Colorado is 110 percent of capacity, which means the demand for pets is so high that the shelters most likely can't keep up.

The study sliced up the data, looking at the number of 2020 pet adoptions in all 50 states per 100,000 people. Colorado had the second-most pet adoptions per capita in the country, while Idaho took the top spot for 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic lead to a surge in animal adoptions across the state. A report from the Denver Post says every dog was adopted the day the Denver Animal Shelter re-opened, with lines wrapping halfway around the building.

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According to the study, Colorado also landed among the top five states for the most pet adoptions from shelters in 2020, not just ranking high on a per capita basis. 

California had the most pet adoptions, with 256,739 pet adoptions in 2020. Texas (219,173 adoptions), Florida (203,385 adoptions), Colorado (93,244 adoptions), and Arizona (81,620 adoptions) rounded out the top five. South Dakota had the lowest with 1,497 pet adoptions last year.

Shelter Animals Count shows that Colorado has more than 60 shelter organizations across the state, which is high compared to neighboring states such as Wyoming with eight shelters, Nebraska with 13 and Kansas with 21.

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Breanna Sneeringer writes about news, adventure, and more for OutThere Colorado as a Digital Content Producer. She is an avid adventure seeker and wildflower enthusiast. Breanna joined OutThere Colorado in September 2018.


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