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The Glenwood Springs Police Department is investigating a string of widespread vandalism committed across the town on Thanksgiving weekend.

"We are fairly sure that these were done by the same person or group of people because of the similarity in the color of the paint and the markings," said Glenwood Springs Police Lieutenant John Hassell. 

The graffiti included messages like 'stolen land' and 'land back,' as well as anti-police slogans like 'ACAB.' The anarchist 'A' was also a reoccurring symbol. 

The vandals hit five different locations spanning from West Glenwood Springs to 10th Street and Pitkin Avenue, which included the 'Welcome to Glenwood Springs' sign and the Garfield County Shed. 

Police believe that the spree began after 6 PM on November 25 and continued through the night of the 26th.

"The repairs could cost a thousand dollars to a couple thousand, depending on if any of the victims have to repaint," Hassel estimated. 

There is no evidence to suggests that the crimes were committed by any group with a vested interest in the term 'stolen land' and it is possible that the graffiti is the work of a group of juveniles, according to Hassel. 

There are no suspects at this time, but the Glenwood Springs Police Department is working with the community to identify the culprits.

According to the Glenwood Springs website, a 1868 treaty reserved Ute Indians a right to land in the area. Prospectors then built an illegal fort on the land dubbed Fort Defiance, with some historians believing that the name was meant as an act of rebellion against treaties with Native Americans and the US Government. The Ute Indians rebelled against unfair treatment and were removed from the treaty in 1879, opening up the land for a larger settlement that eventually became Glenwood Springs.

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pretty shady to offer no support to "culprits" here and blankly describe the situation.

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