Sunrise on Longs Peak face Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park Photo Credit: milehightraveler (iStock).

Photo Credit: milehightraveler (iStock).

Yep, you read that headline right – despite sweltering temperatures that have been present around the state of Colorado for most of the week, a little bit of snow is expected over the next few days.

A widespread chance of precipitation will have much of Colorado seeing rain this weekend, though this moisture is expected to fall in the form of snowflakes on some of the state's highest peaks.

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On the Front Range, Pikes Peak is expected to get snow from Friday to Sunday, with about six to seven inches expected during that span. On Sunday, the expected high is just 28 degrees. There's a possibility that this could impact the annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Race, set to take place this weekend. That being said, race activities have taken place in poor weather conditions before, with Travis Pastrana describing hail, fog, and rain (and wildlife) as hazards he's faced on the course in the past.

Also found along the Front Range urban corridor, Longs Peak is expected to get snow at some point each day from Thursday to Sunday, with about half a foot of snow expected to fall throughout that span.

More centrally located in the state, Mount Elbert will likely see snow on Thursday night and Friday night, possibly in the early morning hours of Saturday, too. Granted, this mountain is unlikely to be more than an inch on any given day, but that's still enough to have an impact on high elevation outdoor recreation plans.

In the southwest, there's also a good chance that Mount Sneffels will see some snow on Friday.

Those headed to the mountains should be very aware of the forecast if planning to reach the summit on one of Colorado's highest peaks. There's a good chance there will be snow and while totals look low at the moment, mountain forecasts are always subject to change and can always mean a surprise.

While the snow and colder temperatures might be a deterrent to Colorado's fourteener climbers, most peaks are expected to be relatively calm in terms of wind given the changing weather. Wind on each peak mentioned above is expected to be in the five to 10 mile-per-hour range.

If headed to the high country over the next few days, plan for colder temperatures and possible snow. Use a resource, like, to stay up-to-date on what weather is about to hit.

Read more about the weather that's about to hit the rest of the state here.

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