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A scrambler was rescued off of the Fifth Flatiron in Boulder on Saturday night after becoming stuck while exploring rock formations in the area, according to the Boulder County Sheriff's office. 

Scrambling is typically a combination of unroped hiking and climbing that occurs on easy to steep grades. 

Apparently, the 57-year-old scrambler and his female hiking partner were traveling near the top of the Fifth Flatiron when the man decided it would be too dangerous to continue. 

The woman called the Boulder County Sheriff's office at around 5:19 PM, to request assistance. 

The Rocky Mountain Rescue Group responded to the call and were able to locate the woman who had been waiting for them on the ground. Rescuers then began to ascend the Flatiron, and reached the scrambler at around 8:46 PM.

By 9:14 PM the scrambler and the rescuers made it to the ground safely. 

The Flatirons in Boulder are a popular location for scramblers, but the activity can be dangerous and should be reserved for experienced climbers. 

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Beaker Rex

Dadgum title and the lead sentence had me thinking it was Jeep that was stuck, was looking forward to reading how it was unstuck . . . . drats


kinda dark for impromptu rock climbing


Guess he ought to rethink this scrambling stuff !

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