Dog puppy doing his toilet Photo Credit: Wavetop (iStock).

Photo Credit: Wavetop (iStock).

Get entered for a chance to win one of 40 gift cards valued at $50 by simply scooping some poop in certain Colorado Springs parks on May 8.

Dubbed the 'Scoop the Poop Challenge,' the event is hosted by the Trails and Open Space Coalition and sponsored by Heuberger Subaru.

To participate, visit one of the following spots and find an information booth on May 8 from 9 AM to 12 PM. Participants will be given a bag that they can return filled with poop for a chance to win.

Locations include:

  • Bear Creek - East - Community Garden Parking Lot
  • Blodgett Open Space - North Parking lot Trailhead
  • Red Rock Open Space - Main Parking lot by the hill leading to the dog park
  • Ute Valley Park - Vindicator Trailhead
  • Stratton Open Space - Ridgeway Trailhead
  • Palmer Park - Yucca Flats

The goal is to collect at least 50 pounds of dog poop from the parks collectively. Gift cards will support local business.

The reason behind the "poop-a-thon"? According to Susan Davies of the Trails & Open Space Coalition, there's a serious dog poop problem in local parks and contrary to what some seem to believe, "there is no poop fairy."

Dog owners – clean up after your pet every time. Not only does this prevent others from having to deal with your mess, it also helps ensure that non-native parts of your dog's poop are less likely to impact the local ecosystem.

Find more information here.

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