Aerial View of Aurora, Colorado in Autumn Photo Credit: Jacob Boomsma (iStock).

Photo Credit: Jacob Boomsma (iStock).

A proposal set to be considered by the Aurora City Council next months looks to heavily restrict the type of yard that new single-family homes in the city can have.

According to Aurora Water, about half of the city's outdoor water usage is due to people watering their 'turf,' with turf being defined as 'cool weather' grass species, such as Kentucky bluegrass. This 'turf' is the type of grass that is specifically addressed in the proposal, with the goal of the suggested change being to limit overall outdoor water usage amid the city's continued growth.

Not only would the passage of the proposal ban turf in the front yards and side yards of new constructions, it would also limit the turf amount in the backyard to either 500 square feet or 45 percent of the yard, whatever is smaller.

The proposal would also impact turf usage in other types of new developments and redevelopments, including commercial and city properties.

The changes would take effect next year, if the proposal is approved.

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(5) comments

Jib ur face

It's definitely about time. I have been waiting for this for years. I have always had a zero scaped rock front yard and whatever mulch I can get my tree guy to drop in my driveway for my backyard. This year it's pine and a cottonwood mix. My neighbor just paid someone to airate his front and back. There are so many people who don't understand the crisis we are facing or don't even care. We're I live in Denver its dusty and grass doesn't grow for anything. I told him it's a waste of time but he doesn't care. It just bugs me. Colorado needs to get more strict, now. Half my street can't even recycle properly. There needs to be more going on to educate people.


Why impose water restrictions now? Why not 10 years ago? I know colorado is vain and materialistic but this is just now coming up after 20+ years of drought? The absolute peak of narcissism.

C. Crystalline

why not?


Since we live in a semi-arid area here where we live we use a small square water container 4X4 square that is filled every two weeks when we get our big one filled; it does make it easier to control H2O for our garden area! Our garden is only about 8x10 and two smaller areas of 1 1/12 w X 4 ft. long each! We water very early a.m. and rarely at night as we do not want to promote mildew problems! We also use plastic milk cartons turned upside down and eventually are covered by leafy areas when growing too! We do not drink pop so milk or water bottles have to do! It gets very hot here the in summer, so need to watch H2O use age carefully! Laundry done once a week and no other unless hubby washes vehicle and even then he is careful to turn off H2O while washing! He retired as a Service Manager for a lot of dealerships so know how to watch H2O! Jess


Better to price the scarce resource of water appropriately. A basic block rate sufficient for domestic use, with rapidly escalating rates for higher use.

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