Cherry Creek State Park

Photo Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Update: 3:30 PM

Officials said the search and rescue efforts turned into a recovery mission about 1:45 PM, approximately an hour after crews were unable to locate the reported missing person and dog at Cherry Creek Reservoir Sunday in Aurora. South Metro Fire Rescue has turned the operations over to Colorado Parks and Wildlife for the recovery mission.

The parks and wildlife department employed its four-member Marine Evidence Recovery Team to continue the search using an underwater drone, equipped with sonar, lights, and a video camera.

The missing man is believed to be a 26-year-old from Aurora who was kayaking in Cherry Creek Reservoir, according to a news release from Colorado Parks and Wildlife Sunday afternoon. His name was not released.

Authorities say the man was not wearing a life jacket. A strong storm over the region Sunday created gusty winds and choppy water that may have caused the kayak to capsize, according to the news release.

Water temperatures were in the low 50s on Sunday. Crews are searching the east side of the park in water depths ranging from 9-16 feet.

By about 5 PM, South Metro Fire Rescue reported the man was recovered from the water at Cherry Creek State Park.

Previous story:

Rescue divers are searching for a missing person and a dog at a Colorado reservoir as severe thunderstorms are moving into the area Sunday, according to several agencies.

A person was reported in the water at Cherry Creek Reservoir about 12:20 PM. South Metro Fire Rescue crews are actively searching for the person in the water.

Park rangers with Colorado Parks and Wildlife are assisting the rescue group searching the water at Cherry Creek State Park in Aurora. 

Colorado Parks and Wildlife activated its Marine Evidence Recovery Team in the coordinated effort.

The National Weather Service in Denver issued a severe thunderstorm warning for counties in the Denver metro area, including where Aurora is located.

Western Arapahoe County, northeaster Denver County, and western Adams County are issued the storm warning from 11:40 AM to 12:30 PM.

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The severe thunderstorm was detected by radar 14 miles north of Denver, moving east at 25 mph, the weather service said early Sunday.

Hazards from the storm include 60 mph wind gusts and nickel-sized hail. Meteorologists warn structural damages include to roofs, siding, and trees are possible.

For more details on the widespread storms moving into Colorado Sunday, click here. Always check the weather forecast before embarking on adventures outdoors to avoid getting caught in thunderstorms, hail, snow, and other extreme conditions.

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