Virus Outbreak No Crime

A Tesla police car sits in front of the City/County Building in April after red and white lights were illuminated to show support and gratitude for first responders and medical personnel during the outbreak of the new coronavirus in Denver.

A Denver man went on a rampage Saturday morning, intentionally driving into a pedestrian, multiple civilian vehicles and two police vehicles, according to an arrest affidavit released Sunday by the Denver Police Department.

Tyler Hazell, 23, was held for investigation of first-degree assault and an outstanding felony warrant. The Denver District Attorney’s Office will determine the charges.

According to the affidavit, the incident began at 8:30 a.m. when Hazell got into a fight with staff members at the Burger King at 1010 W. Colfax Ave. Police were called, but Hazell fled  before officers arrived.

After leaving Burger King, Hazell drove east on West Colfax Avenue and stopped at North Delaware Street. He then reversed, driving the wrong direction down Colfax for two blocks until he pulled up next to a black Honda Civic.

Hazell told the two women inside of the car “race me or die,” the affidavit said.

The women made a U-turn but Hazell followed them, ramming into the back of their car, police said. The women continued to drive away as he chased them, ramming into the passenger side of the car several times.

Hazell then drove to East 14th Avenue and North Broadway. Polcie say there he intentionally drove onto the sidewalk and raced after two men who were walking.

The men scattered and Hazell chased one, hitting him and fracturing his pelvis and legs, police said. The pedestrian was seriously injured but expected to survive.

Hazell then drove the wrong way down West 14th Avenue towards the 1400 block of North Delaware Street, stopping on the way to high-five a homeless man and take a photo, the affidavit said.

Once he reached North Delaware Street, Hazell rammed into the side of a Denver police car with an officer and prisoner inside. Both passengers suffered minor injuries, police said.

Hazell drove 75 more feet before ramming into another Denver police car. The officer inside also suffered minor injuries.

After fleeing from the disabled patrol cars, Hazell returned to the original Burger King and rammed into a parked truck, police said. Officers responding to the initial disturbance then followed Hazell through several jurisdictions.

Hazell’s car finally broke down from its damage in the 7800 block of Quebec Way, where he was arrested, police said


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You know if Hazell was a Black guy, he would have been shot multiple times.


But nice police car! [cool][cool][smile][smile][beam]




I am curious to know what this idiots blood drug/alcohol was. Another reason I have a concealed carry permit.

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