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Crystal Dreiling, park manager for Trinidad Lake State Park with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, looks out toward the Sangre de Cristos mountain range and the bottom part of Raton Pass. Dreiling is part of a team working to create Fishers Peak State Park, Colorado’s 42nd state park.

If you're looking for the latest on Colorado's next state park, fisherspeakstatepark.com is set to be your one-stop shop.

The website was announced in a September column from Crystal Dreiling, overseeing the development of Fishers Peak State Park in Trinidad.

The latest monthly update from Dreiling also included word of a special drawing for hunting permits. Five were to be chosen for a "sneak peak" of the 19,200-acre property, the park manager wrote.

Dreiling previously detailed such natural curiosities as an endangered mouse and "unusual lizard" being discovered at the park. Her latest update came with the mention of rare moths.

"While we wait for the full report," Dreiling wrote, "we suspect at least four moth species not previously reported in Colorado were observed at Fishers Peak State Park."

The inventory of flora and fauna continues. That's "[t]o inform our master planning and ensure we protect rare species and build where it will have the least negative impact," Dreiling wrote.

Master planning progress and public meetings are to be posted on fisherspeakstatepark.com, along with other notices. Ground has been broken "on what will be a few limited — but meaningful — trail and picnic opportunities coming soon to the public," Dreiling wrote.

In proclaiming Colorado's 42nd state park, Gov. Jared Polis called for a "meaningful level" of public access no later than Jan. 1.


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