Copper Mountain

Ski runs at Copper Mountain. Photo Credit: Adventure_Photo (iStock).

UPDATE: Officials have released new details in this case, providing a fuller image of what happened that day on the mountain. Read about that here. This case remains under investigation.

Officials are reportedly looking into an incident in which a speedy skier was scolded by another person on the mountain – and it wasn't ski patrol.

According to Summit Daily, Copper Mountain Resort and the Summit County Sheriff's Office are investigating a report of a potential ski patrol impersonator. The report states that the January 19 incident took place when an individual shouted at a minor on the mountain, telling them to slow down in the vicinity of Skid Road and Super Bee lift.

Here's a look at where that is located on a map.

The orange arrow shows a rough estimate of where the incident took place. Map Credit: @2022 Google Maps (with arrow added)

The orange arrow shows a rough estimate of where the incident took place. Map Credit: @2022 Google Maps (with arrow added)

Additional details about the incident have not been made available.

Was the person involved someone that was intentionally impersonating a ski patrol member or were they someone innocently telling a young skier to slow down on the mountain? More details may be released in upcoming days.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Copper Mountain Resort security at 970-390-6888.

Copper Mountain Resort is a popular resort in Colorado's Summit County, near Breckenridge. It's a popular spot for families and pros, alike.

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(4) comments

Jackie Treehorn

Reckless and dangerously fast skiers and boarders make weekends a risky time to be on many of the mountains we have in CO.


This story is disturbing in that it is even posted here. I would hope someone witnessing dangerous or risky behavior would speak out. From where did the 'impersonating ski patrol' accusation come? Seems retaliatory and certainly not newsworthy. My respect to the person who tried to address a dangerous situation!


My husband is an expert skier and was taken out by a young snowboarder at A Basin a few weeks ago. He is 63 but tough, luckily. He dressed that teen and his Mom down one side and up the other. These people need better training and better sense or stay home. This is NOT a free-for-all! I don’t care who this guy was, good for him.


I’m not sure if this article is a joke, I really kind of hope it is. Since when do you have to be a meme we ski patrol to tell someone to slow down? And to actively look for this person is ludicrous.

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