Believe it or not – yes, this is a road in Colorado. It's not all aspens in the Centennial State. Know where it is? Tell us in the comments. Photo Credit: mdesigner125 (iStock).

Believe it or not – yes, this is a road in Colorado. It's not all aspens in the Centennial State. Know where it is? Tell us in the comments. Photo Credit: mdesigner125 (iStock).

A recent data analysis conducted by LawnStarter analyzed 20 metrics across 50 American states to determine where travelers can find the best fall color experience. Colorado ranked well, but it was topped by several states.

Metrics included in the data analysis fell into four categories – fall scenery (weeks with fall foliage, number of scenic drives), outdoor recreation (number of parks, share of forest area, camper-friendliness), entertainment (number of fall attractions and events), and safety (natural disaster risk).

Colorado ranked 5th overall, performing best in categories of 'fall scenery rank' and 'outdoor recreation rank,' brought down by fairly average scores in categories related to fall-themed entertainment and safety. A few specific metrics where the state performed well included having a high number of weeks with fall foliage, a high number of scenic drives, and a high number of hiking trails.

States that topped Colorado include California, Washington, Vermont, and Michigan.

Of course it's debatable whether or not Colorado has the best fall colors in the country. That being said, the state was brought down due to the ever-present wildfire risk and a lack of attractions like pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and hayrides. This writer would argue that Coloradans are more focused on the outdoor recreation opportunities anyway as a factor when it comes to falling in love with fall in Colorado.

Is a number five rank fair? Sure. That's still pretty darn impressive to me.

Hawaii had the worst fall color experience, followed by Louisiana and Mississippi.

See the full report here.

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Silly ranking. Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire ranked below Colorado?? Makes one wonder if the people doing the rankings have ever been to those areas.

82nd Airborne

These people and their lists. North Carolina at 33 and Virginia at 27! I guess that's why 25 million visitors make the Smokies and the Blue Ridge Parkway the most visited national parks!

I was fortunate to live within a few miles from it in Spruce Pine, NC for over a dozen years.

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