During a mission to count bighorn sheep in the southeastern portion of Utah, officials discovered a large metal monolith estimated at 10 to 12 feet tall in an extremely remote place. They believe the monolith had been placed there intentionally.

The crew initially spotted the object from the air and landed to investigate. There was no obvious indication on-site as to who may have installed the object, though the crew believes that it was placed there intentionally.

Photo Credit: Utah Department of Public Safety.

Photo Credit: Utah Department of Public Safety.

Images of the object show that the land around the monolith does not appear to be disturbed. The object appears to be metallic and has four sides. No markings can be seen on the object. It is firmly planted in the ground.

Predictably, the discovery has prompted a number of theories that have been proposed around the internet.

The most common theory that is circulating seems to be that extraterrestrial beings planted the object for an unknown purpose.

The helicopter pilot that was on scene suggested that it might be some sort of abstract art display that could have been planted years or decades ago.

Reddit users have inserted themselves into the investigation, trying to determine when the object was installed and what its purpose might be.

After finding the likely location of the monolith using Google Earth, Reddit users seem to believe that it was installed sometime after August 2015. See the images that relate to this unverified claim below.

Users also pointed out that the object appears to be held together with screws, which would mean that the object is not one large, solid piece of metal.

Another theory is that the object was placed by or inspired by a deceased artist named John McCracken that created similar work in the past.

Others have also pointed out that the metallic monolith is reminiscent of an object from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Regardless of what the object is and what it's for, the installation of it was illegal as it is on federally managed lands. The location is not being revealed out of fear that those seeking it will become stranded and require rescue.

Whether or not the investigation will continue and whether or not the object will be removed remains up-in-the-air.

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