Mountain lion Photo Credit: MikeLane45 (iStock).

Photo Credit: MikeLane45 (iStock).

The Estes Park Pet Association issued an urgent public service announcement on Monday night following two local mountain lion attacks that reportedly occurred over a four-day span involving pet dogs. In one incident, the dog that was attacked was quite large at roughly 70 pounds.

One of the attacks happened near Eagle Cliff Mountain, a peak found just west of town. The other attack happened near Estes Park Health. According to the Estes Park Trail Gazette, one of the animals is recovering after the owner was able to chase off the lion with a broom. The status of the dog involved in the other incident is unknown.

Along with the report of the attacks and a warning to pet owners, the pet association also provided tips for avoiding dangerous interactions with mountain lions.

Pet owners are urged to inspect an outdoor space before letting their animal outside, especially at night. Accompanying a dog outside can also be an effective lion deterrent.

Keeping dogs leashed during walks is also advised, as is avoiding hours of dusk, dawn, and night.

While mountain lion attacks on humans are rare, pets make a more favorable prey. Even large dogs can fall victim to a mountain lion. Keep a mindful eye and protect your pet. To a mountain lion, a dog is just another source of food.

Details about whether or not the same mountain lion is expected to be involved in each incident were not included in the report.

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Sarah Lakeland


This will keep your pets safe and wildlife wild and not going after your pets. I came from New Jersey and wanted to keep my rescue dogs and cats safe from wildlife which i loved also. I had their pet doors access a SECURE SAFE FENCED AREA made of chain link panels and CHAIN LINK ROOF with gates with locks.

Predators such as mountain lions and great horned owls can't get in and dogs stay safe and don't roam to be dinner for predators or hit by cars or harass wildlife. Same with my cats. They enjoy the outdoors, stay safe and don't roam and kill precious birds. It is worth the effort and expense. does not have to be that big if you already hike or walk your dogs.


Here's an idea: If you don't want your Dogs getting attacked or killed by Mountain Lions, it's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY as their Owner, to keep an eye on them and put them on a LEASH, when you take them for outdoor activity of any kind. If your Dog gets attacked or killed by Mountain Lions, IT'S YOUR OWN FAULT! YOU HAVE NOBODY BUT YOURSELF TO BLAME! And this article is of no use to anyone ... at least ... not to people who have a brain and aren't irresponsible idiots, unlike other people.


I totally agree. Stop blaming wildlife. When you’re in their territory and something bad happens, you, the human with brains, is to blame.

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