Road bike cyclist man cycling Photo Credit: Pavel1964 (iStock).

Photo Credit: Pavel1964 (iStock).

Denver-area Wheat Ridge Cyclery bike shop recently took to Instagram to bring attention to suspected booby-traps encountered by a cyclist on a local route.

Identified by the bike shop as 'Justin J.', the cyclist was using the westbound bike lane of 32nd Avenue in the Denver metro area when he encountered two different spots where it appeared as if someone had intentionally laid out thumb tacks on the pavement. The first spot was in the bike lane at the base of the hill west of Sheridan and the second spot was in the bike lane at the base of the hill west of Kilping – both spots where cyclists would be likely to encounter the tacks at a high rate of speed.

According to the cyclist that encountered the hazards, another local informed him that the discovery of the tacks are regular occurrence, typically found planted prior to Sunday morning. It is the suspicion of the cyclist that the tacks are placed with the intent to pop tires, with potential to cause serious injury or even death.

According to Wheat Ridge Cyclery, Justin stayed on scene to clean up the tacks, still managing to get two tacks in his front tire, resulting in a flattening.

Are the tacks being placed with malicious intent? It's hard to definitively tell. Either way, this encounter serves as an important reminder to cyclists to be aware of potential hazards in bike lanes and on roadways.

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If the tacks are indeed an intentional booby-trap, it wouldn't be the first time Colorado cyclists have been targeted.

In June, mountain bikers posted a video to popular biking forum PinkBike that showed oddly placed logs along a Colorado Springs area trail. Found in sections where bikers travel quickly, the logs were found with a sharp end jutting into the path.

Previously, two other incidents also occurred in the Colorado Springs area, one of which involved a tripwire that injured two cyclists and another in which fishing wire was found strung across a popular trail.

Obviously booby-trapping is completely unacceptable and very dangerous. Report suspicious findings to the proper authorities.

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I went for a road bike ride on the morning of 7/11 and got a tack in my front tire. I was riding on 32nd in the exact spot referenced by this article. The tack stuck into my tire, but didn’t puncture the tube until I was going downhill around a corner. It completely made my tire go flat and I was luckily able to unclip my shoe and slide it on the ground for stability while I came to a stop. I was uninjured. After removing the tack from the tire, I took a picture of it because I thought it was so bizarre. It was completely metal with a flat head.

Jackie Treehorn

I've seen this with broken bottles around Durango and its pathetic. Mountain bikers might be able to reduce this type of aggression by being courteous and polite to others on the trail. I've seen some reckless riding around hikers and other bikers that would likely annoy some and push others to respond like this.


So, someone is unintentionally spilling thumbtacks in the same defined place at similar times of the week?

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