Dillon Lake, one of the well-known attractions in the Dillon area. Photo Credit: kmaassrock (iStock).

Dillon Lake, one of the well-known attractions in the Dillon area. Photo Credit: kmaassrock (iStock).

According to the Summit County Sheriff's Office, a standoff with a wanted felon ended without incident on Tuesday after the public was asked to avoid the area around a Dillon Valley subdivision called Dillon Valley West Condominiums. The felon was apprehended.

The initial announcement about the incident was made at about 1 PM, with the all-clear given at 5 PM.

During the time of the stand-off, the public was told to only call 911 in the case of an emergency and to avoid the area until further notice during police activity.

The incident also resulted in a temporary lockdown of the nearby Dillon Valley Elementary School.

According to a report from Summit Daily, the initial call mentioned a weapon, but no weapon was found at the scene.

A later report from Summit County officials named the suspect as local resident Chris Staples, also clarifying that Staples barricaded himself inside of a residence for 6.5 hours.

According to that report, Staples' ex-wife spotted him picking the lock and entering her residence on her security cameras. This is what prompted the response from law enforcement.

When law enforcement arrived, they attempted to get Staples to leave the residence and were initially unsuccessful. They eventually deployed a robot that helped locate Staples, who then surrendered.

Dillon is located in Summit County, near Breckenridge, with about 1,000 residents.

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