Mountain lion Photo Courtesy: Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Photo Courtesy: Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Pet owners, be warned – your beloved animals are easy prey for lurking mountain lions.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, a mountain lion in the area of Evergreen, Colorado has recently killed two house cats and a pet dog.

This has prompted the agency to issue a warning to pet owners that their animals may be at-risk. According to officials, roaming pets are often considered an easy meal by mountain lions and are known to attract the species.

If you live in mountain lion country, keep a close eye on pets and children and bring pets into the home at night. It's important that you stay extra alert during dusk and dawn, when mountain lions are most active.

It's also crucial that you avoid feeding wildlife, as the presence of prey animals can attract predators to an area. Yard maintenance is also important. Removing brush and tall vegetation can give a lion fewer spots to hide.

Read more about how to prevent a negative mountain lion interaction here.

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(3) comments

Ed H

Just wait until they reintroduce the wolves.

The current apex predators are feeding on pets now because they are starving. Adding several wolf packs is going to make it worse


They feed on pets bc pets are easy and numerous. There are more deer now than when Europeans arrived.

Ed H

And more Elk and More Bear and yes more lions.

Lions are territorial. This one is probably establishing his territory where the other lions have not. In a neighborhood.

Wolf packs will also feed on pets for the same reason you stated.

And yes the predators are starving.

They are decimating the prey animal population. They prey animals are moving into neighborhoods to avoid the predators.

Guess where the predators are going to be.

Just wait for the Wolf packs to join the mix.

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