Mountain Lion Jumping in Natural Autumn Setting Captive

File photo. Photo Credit: GarysFRP (iStock).

A Jefferson County Open Space employee took to Twitter to warn the public about recent mountain lion activity in the area of North Table Mountain, near Golden.

The warning specifically mentioned that having dogs off-leash can increase the likelihood of a negative interaction with one of these big cats. While mountain lion attacks on humans are rare, attacks on dogs are more common – especially those spotted without a human around. It is also possible for an off-leash dog to injure a mountain lion, decreasing its chances of surviving in the wild.

This warning follows another that was recently sent out involving another Front Range location.

Last week, the public was warned about mountain lion activity in the vicinity of Colorado State University's Environmental Learning Center in the Fort Collins area.

Though most trailgoers in Colorado will never see a mountain lion, it's important to always be aware in lion country. If you happen to spot a mountain lion, back away slowly without turning around or moving too quickly. Running can trigger a chase response. Instead, make yourself large and make a lot of noise. Throw rocks and sticks in the direction of the lion, but avoid bending over or crouching to get them. If you do get attacked, always fight back.

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