Enjoying a Motorless Morning at Garden of the Gods

People enjoy the open road during Motorless Morning at Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs on April 24. The special event shuts down the road to motor vehicle access within the park from 5 a.m.-noon, allowing people the opportunity to bike, walk, run, roller blade, skateboard without vehicles driving on the popular road.

Garden of the Gods will once again fall silent and be free of fumes for a couple of upcoming mornings.

First is Wednesday, when the park will host its final Early Bird Hikes and Bikes event of the year, from 5 a.m.-8 a.m.

The next time the Garden will block roads to vehicles is Oct. 9, for the regular fall edition of Motorless Morning. It will be only foot, bike and skateboard traffic in the park that day from 5 a.m.-noon. Skateboards are not allowed for Early Bird Hikes and Bikes day.

Visitors can either park at the visitor center on 30th Street, at the overflow lot across the visitor center along the park's main entrance, or at the trading post lot on the other side of the Garden. For people with disabilities, designated parking will be available at the visitor center and a shuttle will drive into the Central Garden upon request.


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According to the COS Instagram account 30th street will be closed for 18 months beginning at the end of September 2021, not sure how accessing GoG main entrance for the October Motorless Morning is going to work, where will people park if they can’t access to dirt lot near Rock Ledge Ranch?. Also this seems to effectively close the GoG visitors center for 18 months. Hard to get any detailed info on the project from the city though, their websit is poorly arranged and full of out of date info. Maybe you can find out more info and pass it along?

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