Colorado Gov. Jared Polis puts on his face mask after an April news conference to update the state’s efforts in battling the spread of the new coronavirus in the governor’s mansion in Denver. Photo Credit: The Associated Press.

"Cancel those social plans with other households," said Colorado Governor Jared Polis during a Monday afternoon press conference regarding the status of the state's fight against COVID-19.

During the press conference, Polis stated that number of confirmed of COVID-19 hospitalizations in Colorado is now over 1,000 – the highest it's ever been. He pointed to inter-household mingling as a key factor in the increase in cases and subsequent hospitalizations and deaths.

Chart courtesy: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Chart courtesy: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. 

Polis strongly urged Coloradans to avoid interactions with other households and later announced the extension of the statewide mask mandate for another 30 days.

The recent success of a Pfizer vaccine was referenced, followed by Polis calling this stage of the fight against the virus a "sprint" with the "end in sight." He called for Coloradans to "find that renewed energy," asking for them to do the following:

1. Cancel social interactions

2. Be 'Safer at Home or in the Great Outdoors'

3. Wear a mask when out

4. Wash hands with soap regularly and upon returning from public spaces

"This is going to get worse before it gets better," said Polis. "We're at the end. We're the most tired. The virus is the most prevalent it's ever been, in our state and in our entire nation."

Polis later said, "Bear with it. It's time to buckle down and successfully isolate for a few more weeks and months [...] The light is there, the end of the race is there. We really just need to do better the next few weeks and months."

Polis also said that he hopes the good news of the vaccine will inspire Coloradans to "double-down on social distancing" or risk sustaining high numbers of hospitalizations and death.

"If we can save lives – and I know we can – it's worth it," said Polis.

Polis encouraged all Coloradans to participate in viral spread-reducing tactics: "It doesn't matter where you live. It doesn't matter what the city or county says [...] The number one biggest thing – avoid social interactions with others outside of your household."

Polis stressed that activities like dining outside are relatively low-risk, though he also stated that "the biggest risk is who you go with."

"It's like playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun with COVID," said Polis about inter-household mingling at a restaurant.

Polis also encouraged those living alone to consider forming a small social "bubble" with two or three other people that also live alone for the purpose of socialization over the next few weeks.

It was also announced that the supplies of personal protective equipment have been increased considerably. Testing has also increased.

Polis also noted that hospital stays have shortened 1 to 2 days since the last surge with an average of around 4 days spent in the hospital per patient. This decrease should help hospitals manage patient-load more efficiently. If hospital capacity does overflow, surge capacity is ready for use, including the Colorado Convention Center.

Governor Polis announced that state employees, with limited exceptions, will be working remotely through November and into December. Polis also encouraged that other workplaces to continue to work remotely for at least another month.

"We have the tools to fight the virus, but at the end of the day, it's up to you," said Polis.

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Enough is enough. Even the "experts" admit that masks do not stop transmission and now they are blaming socioeconmics.

Texas doctor among experts on Biden's COVID-19 task force: "Everybody is wearing masks here," Rodriguez told ABC7's Kate Larsen in July. "The spread is not because people aren't being responsible. I think it's largely due to socioeconomic issues in terms of housing."

Yeah. Get out your check books. Libs want more money.

Here's the link, if allowed, for the basement dwelling paranoid freaker.


Now go ne a good little communist and do what the government tells you.


When I was your age I was told when people get old sometimes they get sick and die and that was a part of life. We live during the safest times in history and that's still not enough for most entitled Americans. This is life, stop being so weak. Would you rather be in a zoo with puppy chow and constant vet check ups, or out in the wild living free. Nevermind, I know what you would choose because your afraid and let others scare you more than you can handle. That's alright, do what you want monkeys but I support freedom and the right to make my own decisions for my life.


Normalize that agoraphobia you burned out pothead! The media has told be to be terrified of asymptomatic carried and they can virus shed for weeks after infection. Anyone that get the vaccine will be the exact same as an asymptomatic carrier. 1% death rate won't change because if you are not able to make antibodies for a live virus you won't be able to make them for a vaccine.


Lol what's new? We need to get rid of this guy. Always extending the mask mandate for another 30 days. He's a lieing fool.

Wslope native

Remember 15 days to slow the spread?

Yeah that was 8 months ago.

Dont believe a dam thing the people that run this state say.

Go live people


Weeks or months. Twice he said it. Like he is spitting in the wind. If masks work, why shut down the economy? As a senior, I don't want the economy shut down, to save grandma or myself. We have lived. We love our families, and we know that this shutdown had many negative consequences. We want our kids and grandkids to thrive. Kids are committing suicide. Child abuse has grown. If you read and listen to the news you know that this pandemic has had different sides to it's story related to us. Bottom line with me, as a senior, the young families, and the small businesses need to be back to normal. For the mental health and business health of all. Older folks need to see their kids and grandkids back to their normal lives. There is NO new normal that is acceptable. End the lockdowns. Live and let live. Enough of this government overreach.


While Herr Polis is issuing his illegal orders no doubt he'll be at home snuggling up to his "husband".


Lady at the local place here in Firestone that's running one of the signature recall petitions says the number of signatures needed has well been surpassed, and that they are now just collecting extras to run up the total as high as possible! 👍


Get rid of this loser.


pull the blackout curtains. neighbor spying on neighbor to see who and how many are at your house brown shirts will also check all paperwork so have a MERRY CHRISTMAS before it to is banned


What is the point of another mask mandate and lockdown. We’ve been wearing masks since March, can’t go anywhere without one. Did it help...NO! Has the flu gone away...NO! Let us live our lives, you are destroying our economy. The very definition of stupidity


What Herr Goebbles Polis means is unless yr antifa, BldM or Cornpop supporters illegal orders must be obeyed.


Hear, hear! Let the true people speak! Revolt against Polis and tyranny... he is treacherous!

Stop Now

The masks may not have worked as well because people are not wearing them correctly. I have seen it every time I have gone out.

E Pluribus Unum

And you probably voted for biden to. The masks are not effective towards the virus or flu which this is that's what covid means the molecules are so microscopic they travel through the masks


I think this numb skull is dyslexic how can you say "don't mingle with people outside the house hold but let single people have 2 or3 people together what a tater


Masks don't work regardless. Wake up!


Colorado, unite against the regime. Polis is polluted. His lies are killing more than any virus.


I planned a trip for Aspen Snowmass at the end of January and trying to take my family for the first time including my mother who is 73. I am so hoping for good news by then. I only have 2 weeks to go before I can cancel and get a full refund. I have no clue what to do. What's everyone's opinion?


If you can come up with a different place to go, I'd play it safe and go there instead. Aspen is very worried about the virus, so they're going to be even harder to deal with than most.

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