Chamberlain Trail in Stratton Open Space. Photo Credit: Christian Murdock, The Gazette

Chamberlain Trail in Stratton Open Space. Photo Credit: Christian Murdock, The Gazette.

A recent Facebook post from the Trails and Open Space Coalition, headquartered in Colorado Springs, warned trail-goers of possible booby traps at Stratton Open Space.

The organization was notified via email that someone had placed “malicious hazards” on the trail, including large logs placed in spots where downhill mountain bikers would be coming off of small drops. This could cause serious injury or death if a biker were to hit one of these hazards at speed, with the images depicting difficult-to-avoid branches and stumps several inches thick. The hazards were found on the Arroyo Grande trail.

Comments on the post depict a mixed reaction from Facebook users. While most users seem to adopt the “trails are for everyone and booby traps are bad” point-of-view, some attempt to justify the logs, implying that they’re meant to serve as speed bumps. Obviously, any sort of unofficial alteration to a trail is not allowed.

The non-profit recommends notifying the local police department via a nonemergency line if any sort of hazard or booby trap is encountered on a trail.

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