The Decalibron Loop is located near Alma. Photo Credit: Breanna Sneeringer, OutThere Colorado.

The Decalibron Loop is located near Alma. Photo Credit: Breanna Sneeringer, OutThere Colorado.

Thanks to the hard work of Colorado Fourteeners Initiative (CFI) and the Colorado Mountain Club, peak-baggers can now access these Colorado fourteeners once again. 

According to CFI, John Reiber, the owner of the private lands on the Decalibron Loop is allowing access again after trail development efforts and the posting of legal warning signs. 

While access to Mount Lincoln, Cameron, and Democrat have officially reopened, the summit to Mount Bross remains closed due to private property lines, according to CFI. Hikers should continue to use the bypass loop only.

"Be respectful and stay on the trail," CFI wrote in a Facebook post. "Use Leave No Trace practices, including packing out trash, poop, dog waste. Keep your dogs leashed. Don't investigate or tamper with legacy mining structures or survey posts."

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CFI went on to remind hikers that access to these iconic fourteener peaks is a privilege, not a right.

"Permission to climb Democrat and Lincoln, which are on private land, and access to Cameron (on public land by only accessed by private land) can be withdrawn at any point," CFI added. "Be respectful and we have a much better chance of keeping the peaks open in the future."

The Decalibron Loop traverses over four Colorado 14ers in Pike National Forest located near the small town of Alma. These peaks include Mount Bross (14,172'), Mount Lincoln (14,286'), Mount Cameron (14,238') and Mount Democrat (14,148'). Starting at the Kite Lake Trailhead, the popular fourteener circuit gains more than 3,500 feet of elevation in over 7.5 miles. 

Editor's Note: Please remember to stay on the trail and continue to respect all land closures, both public and private. Do not approach or enter any historical mining structures in the area. If violated, the landowners may reinstate the closure order.

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