FILE Rogan who hosts a podcast called “The Joe Rogan Experience" ( AP Photo/Gregory Payan, File)

Joe Rogan, the comedian and UFC commentator, recently discussed Colorado's wolf reintroduction plan on an episode of his popular podcast, "The Joe Rogan Experience".

Wolves were eradicated from Colorado in the 1940s. No functional population of wolves was seen in the state again until 2020, when a small pack migrated into the state. Later that year, a ballot measure was approved, directing Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) to create a draft plan for the reintroduction and management of gray wolves by December 2023.

As of the most recent version of the plan, 30 to 50 wolves will be transferred to Colorado from around the country beginning in 2024. 

"Wolves are dominant, intelligent, calculating predators that they eradicated from the west for a reason," Rogan, who used to live in Boulder, said in the episode. 

"How can they put something like the transplanting of wolves, a very complex biological problem dealing with biology and wildlife, how can they put that as a ballot initiative? Like how can they put that in the hands of people other than wildlife conservation experts? [..] People are going to lose their dogs. Your dogs are going to get eaten. Like it is going to affect anyone who has livestock," Rogan said. 

Check out a clip from the episode below: 

Click here for more information on Colorado's wolf reintroduction plan. 

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Where do you live?! Do you live even remotely close to where the wolves will be reintroduced?! The "eastern slope" of Colorado voted to reintroduce wolves on the WESTERN SLOPE! They don't live here! I do. I don't want wolves killing and eating my livestock, my guard dogs, my chickens, etc. They don't have to LIVE with their vote.


You are right Joe, it is disturbing to see how dumned down society has become. History has a place in our society, but people ignore it. Wolves were eradicated for just cause. You don't have to be a coloradan to have good common sense, the people making these comments seem not to have any.


When are we going to reintroduce grizzly bears for the campers of Colorado?


Yeah I’d love to debate him and his outfitter buddy in a public forum. Heck just let Rogan interview a top wolf tbiologist like Carter Niemeyer. Hes scared. Rogan has gotten to be an Alex JOnes wannabe with all his anti science conspiracy crud. It was Jones who made him really big too

As far as science goes, the CPW biologists don’t even make the decisions. It’s done by the commissioners and they are political appointees and CO law says most of the commissioners have to be ranchers and hunters, no educational requirements. If you watch all the commenters on the CPW wolf reintroduction meetings it’s not hard to discern who has the education and science on their side.


He's right! In WI, they're all over. One man was threatened by three. Luckily, he was able to shoot one after being bit in the leg.


Like he pointed out this should have been decided by Colo Div of Wildlife. This is what they study - As you all know a small highly populated area made this choice. I wish we could have wolves in your backyard. All you care about is yourselves.


I agree. Ya don't mess with them, although, they're not looking to eat humans unless weak and vulnerable.

Puppies and Kitties = YUM! 😥


I live where the bears outnumber the people. Don’t presume to know how *anyone* else thinks just because they share the same zip code. Not everyone who disagrees with you does so publicly.


Comparing a Belgian Malinois dog to a wolf is an opinion, not based on fact. These dogs are trained to do police work. Wolves are pack animals because their prey is often too large to bring down without cooperative effort. It is RARE for wolves to kill more than one prey animal. They do not kill for fun. This podcast was a farce, totally lacking science and logic.. Pet owners need to take responsibility for protecting their animals. As far as livestock guardian dogs, a Great Pyrenees is a great alert dog but no match for a wolf in a fight. Kangal dogs and Kuvasc dogs can chase and kill a wolf if necessary. Wolves are in packs also because they act like a family to raise pups. Each wolf has its role in the pack. I can hardly see wolves going into Vail. They prefer open space with trees, away from people. This podcast should never have been published!


Correct. Rogan should never be published. He's a Jones wannabe and disseminator of false info. Always has been.


Oh but they do kill for fun and not just for food and they will kill people too. And no Kangal dogs are no match for a pack of wolves and last I knew wolves hunted in packs. We don't need them or want them here on the Western slope but the idiots living in the city think it's just a grand idea. They wouldn't if it was their neighborhood.


Why does he think his opinion— as someone who doesn’t live or pay taxes here— is any more valid than the actual voters of this state? Do you plan on highlighting the numerous actual experts who n this topic as well, or just promoting extreme right wing gibberish?


You wouldn't think it was gibberish if these things were being put in your backyard.


Millions of followers and takes zero time to research before speaking. I’m very sorry you let your dog get eaten when you lived here in Colorado, Joe. But learn more about how people are trying their damndest to put some balance back into the nature humans are evermore destroying., before you’re so certain it’s a bad idea. Protect your dogs, people. That’s your job.

82nd Airborne

"Joe Rogan, the comedian and UFC commentator" And self made expert on every other issue since he got a podcast and knows all, sees all from a mic!


And through the bong water


Definitely great points Rogan makes. How can people that aren't going to have to live with the consequences (we're looking at you, Denver) that they're voting on?


Right. So this person who who has worked as an actor, comedian and game show host with no actual expertise in wildlife management or ranching or really anything at all and who doesn’t live or pay taxes in this state has a more valid opinion to you than the actual citizens of this state. Cool cool, that’s 100% not irrational at all.


Exactly a comedian who smokes too much dope


He has the same opinion as the majority of people that live in the state where you want to dump these animals. We don't want them in our backyard here but we got outvoted by a bunch of city living, clueless people.




Rogen is a hot air balloon,. Full of air and we do not care..


Exactly. He’s not a Coloradan, he doesn’t pay taxes here and he sure isn’t an expert on wildlife management. And yet his opinion was deemed important enough to post in this newsletter. Curious.


…and yet he makes more sense than all the voters in Boulder



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