Black bear crossing Yellowstone bridge

Photo Credit: John Morrison. File photo. (iStock)

Crews from Grand County Search and Rescue (GCSAR) were paged to a wilderness area near Lake Granby on September 18 after receiving an SOS signal from a hunter. The hunter had reportedly cut his thigh while he was skinning a bear. 

"His hunting partner had bandaged the wound and stopped the bleeding, however the subject did not think he was able to walk out," GCSAR said in a news release. 

Crews from GCSAR, Grand County EMS, Hot Sulphur Fire, and Henderson Mill Mine personnel arrived to the scene at about 10:30 AM.

"The original plan was to extricate via litter, when teams arrived it was determined that the subject was able to walk out. We are super thankful for our teammates out in the field and especially the Henderson Mine personnel who helped us find a quicker and easier extrication route," the release said. 

If you ever cut yourself while skinning an animal, stopping the bleeding should be your first priority. Seek medical attention if the wound does not heal, or if it becomes infected. 

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Just wondering how you cut your thigh while skinning a bear? I guess the bear didn’t need any assistance?

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