Sunflower-seekers could be fined up to $750 and jailed for up to six months for trespassing in sunflower fields on private property in Colorado.

Each year, a number of Instagrammers post photos of themselves among massive fields of countless bright yellow sunflowers located on Colorado's Front Range. Entering these fields is considered trespassing, as these are private farms.

As the sunflowers are starting to grow taller, so are the crowds. According to the Adams County Sheriff's Office, there have already been "countless" complaints of the beautiful yellow blooms getting destroyed by those trespassing in the Adams County area. 

Crowds flocking to the sunflower farms are causing "detrimental" harm to both residents and farmers including the destruction of crops, as well as litter and traffic violations. 


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"It is a crime to go onto other people’s property, even if there are no signs prohibiting trespassing," the Adams County Sheriff's Office warned in a recent press release.

These farmers not only rely on the sunflowers to earn a living but also to supply local bees with a vast area for pollinating.

Even though it might be tempting to stop for a photo when passing one of these massive farms, please respect the farmers and help them protect their livelihood by snapping your shot from the safety of the road.

Editor's Note: Keep Colorado beautiful. Please respect private property. For the best hiking trails for exploring wildflowers, click here.


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Jackie Treehorn

Why are we compelled to constantly pose, and not just enjoy beauty from a distance when we see it?

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