Hold up! Don’t touch that baby deer you almost tripped on

Photo Credit: nearandfar (iStock).

Here’s your quick annual reminder not to touch the tiny fawns you might find unattended while you’re out exploring this weekend. A mother deer can leave them unattended on a daily basis while they forage for food.

The mother deer does this because the fawn isn’t quite strong enough to tag along yet. She’ll also avoid foraging nearby to avoid attracting predators to the area, meaning that the fawn is left completely alone.

These fawns will typically be left in areas with tall grass or undergrowth where they’ve got a little bit of protection. Some fawns may move about instead of staying in a resting position, but these fawns should be ignored, too. The mother will return at dusk.

Avoid being a ‘fawn-napper’ by moving or disturbing these animals. Keep in mind that your presence may also prevent the return of the mother. If you stumble upon an unattended fawn, keep moving and let the animal be.


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