Firefighters responded to a small brush fire in Colorado's Staunton State Park Tuesday. 

Colorado Park and Wildlife (CPW) say the fire is under investigation, but is believed to be human caused. The small fire was reported Tuesday afternoon atop Lions Head but was prevented from igniting into anything bigger thanks to the quick actions of an "alert hiker."

"The small fire luckily stayed in the underbrush and did not expand vertically into the ponderosa pine trees," CPW stated in the press release.

The hiker was able to dampen the 10 by 10 yard blaze with the water they had on hand.

Several agencies responded including The Elk Creek Fire Protection District, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and Colorado Parks and Wildlife Rangers.

The fire was reported at 12:30 p.m. and fully extinguished by 3:00 p.m, according to officials. 

“Be extremely careful when outside in regards to fire," said Zach Taylor, Park Manager at Staunton State Park. "That includes being out on the trail, whether you are cooking dinner in one of our designated grills or on a cookstove or smoking a cigarette. Just be careful in how you put it out and make sure that everything is cold to the touch before you leave that area so winds don’t kick up and fan those flames or spark those embers throughout the rest of the forest.”

Located just west of Conifer, Staunton State Park borders both Park and Jefferson Counties. There are no current fire restrictions in place for either county. 

Campfires are prohibited in Staunton State Park. Charcoal and wood fires are allowed in designated areas, depending on current fire restrictions. 

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