Heavy snow in Crested Butte. Photo Credit: beklaus (iStock; File photo).

Heavy snow in Crested Butte. Photo Credit: beklaus (iStock; File photo).

Recent snowstorm activity in Colorado has increased the snowpack statewide to 91 percent of the to-date median as widespread drought conditions continue.

Only one part of Colorado is above the to-date median – the southern Upper Rio Grande zone at 108 percent. The zones along the western edge of Colorado have the lowest snowpack compared to their to-date median, ranging from 88 to 89 percent of their respective medians.

See the full breakdown below per the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Photo Credit: USDA website.

Photo Credit: USDA website.

Despite the recent boost in snowpack, Colorado is still trying to catch up in terms of overall precipitation. As of Thursday, the entire state remains under some level of drought.

The risk for avalanches also continues to pose a serious threat in the backcountry. Colorado has seen 11 avalanche deaths so far this season. Three of those deaths have come in the last week alone, with one skier caught in a slide near Loveland Ski Area, one snowmobiler in the mountains southeast of Rand, and another snowmobiler in Grand County.

The current backcountry danger is considerable and could rise in some areas with incoming snow

Another 20 inches of snow could fall in the mountains by this weekend with storms extending from Friday through Sunday.

Editor's Note: Be avalanche aware. Before stepping foot in the backcountry, always check the local avalanche forecast at colorado.gov/avalanche. For more tips on backcountry safety, click here.


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