Photo Courtesy: Summit Fire and EMS

Photo Courtesy: Summit Fire and EMS

A hearse that was transporting a body for medical donation slid off of interstate 70 on Friday, according to officials from Summit Fire and EMS.

The accident occurred at about 3 AM near mile marker 212 between Silverthorne and the Eisenhower Tunnel. The vehicle reportedly slid off of the roadway and teetered over a 100-foot-high embankment before coming to a stop. 

"Our A-shift Engine 8 and Medic 8 crews responded, along with Silverthorne police. The driver declined medical attention and transport. If the "passenger" hadn't already been dead, this surely would have done it. (Apologies for any offense created by our irreverence. We offer our heartfelt respects to the deceased and comfort to friends and family, and we absolutely praise this person's decision for medical donation, which someday may help save someone else's life!)," officials said in a Facebook post about the incident. 

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Funny about might've killed the coffin's occupant if they weren't already dead. And good thing the coffin was in the back. The way the hearse is teetering on the edge, it might've been the weight of the coffin that kept the hearse from plunging over the precipice.

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