Rogel Aguilera-Mederos, the driver of the semitruck involved in the 2019 pile-up that killed four people on Interstate 70, was found guilty on Friday of 27 of the 41 charges against him including four counts of vehicular homicide. 

Closing statements were made on Friday morning, and the jury submitted their official verdicts just before 5 P.M. Friday afternoon. 

25-year-old Aguilera-Mederos was convicted on 23 other charges including assault in the first degree, attempt to commit assault in the first degree, vehicular assault, reckless driving and careless driving, in addition to the four counts of vehicular homicide. 

The jury found him not guilty of 15 other counts of attempt to commit assault in the first degree.

In April 2019, Aguilera-Mederos was on his first solo trip as a truck driver near Floyd Hill, between Genesee Park and Idaho Springs when his brakes reportedly went out. 

After a period of swerving through traffic to avoid other vehicles, he collided with another semi-truck, which ultimately caused the 28-vehicle crash that sent a plume of black smoke and fire into the air. 

Four people died in the crash and 10 others were injured. 

Prosecutors argued that there were many opportunities to avoid the crash, while defense argued that the brake failure left him with no feasible option. 

The judge scheduled Aguilera-Mederos' sentencing hearing for December 13. 

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"defense argued that the brake failure left him with no feasible option." I hate to read articles where very important information was left out. Did the brakes truly not work? From reading the previous article on your site it seemed to me like no matter what the driver did people were going to get killed.


I believe he roared past several runaway truck ramps. Sounds like this could have been avoided. I will give him credit for not running back to Mexico and hiding. But the jury has spoken now he has to pay.

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