Grammy-nominated musician summits Colorado fourteener under brutal conditions

A view from a snow-covered Mount Elbert. Photo Credit: Andrew Davidoff (Flickr).

Grammy-nominated musician of “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” and “Cooler Than Me” started the new year off right by climbing the highest mountain in Colorado.

Reaching the top of Mount Elbert — the highest peak in the state at 14,433 feet — is a huge accomplishment for Posner who was airlifted to the hospital in August after being bitten by a rattlesnake on a trail in Colorado during his journey to walk across America. He posted his announcement of the successful summit on January 10.

In days leading up to the summit, Posner kept his fans updated with a series of tweets.

“These moments test me mentally. The wind is crazy up here. One must dig deep in order to keep going,” Posner posted on Twitter referring to his journey as “expedition 301.” It was his first time sleeping overnight in a tent in the winter.

Posner has recently started tapping into mountaineering, bagging several peaks across America in 2019 including Colorado 14er Uncompahgre Peak. At 14,321 feet, Posner reached the summit of Uncompahgre in late December with ski-mountaineer Jon Kedrowski by his side.

Other peaks reached by Posner include Summit Crystal (CO), James (CO), Peak 10 (CO), Mt. Ogden (UT), Hood (OR), South Sister (OR), Mount Adams (WA).

Editor’s Note: Climbing a Colorado fourteener can be dangerous, especially during the winter season. Plan ahead and do your research to make sure you’re well prepared. is a great resource for trail conditions, route photos, trailhead accessibility, maps, and more. Check the weather report before you go, pay close attention to the sky, and know when to turn back. Stay safe out there, and if you haven’t already, take an avalanche safety course. For more tips on hiking Colorado 14ers, click here.



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