Graffiti causes permanent damage at popular open space in Colorado

Graffiti at the Red Rock Canyon Open Space. Photo Credit: CSPD.

A recent rash of graffiti has been reported in Colorado Springs amid protests against police brutality, including at one natural open space that’s a favorite among locals.

According to an official press release from the Colorado Springs Police Department, both Red Rock Canyon Open Space and the Police Operations Center were vandalized with graffiti over the weekend. While the operations center can be cleaned, the department called the rocks “permanently damaged.”

At Red Rock Canyon Open Space, police found the words “Black Lives Matter Too!” and “BLM” spray-painted in red. The text on one of the images shared was blurred out. In non-blurred images, this text seems to be promoting a social media handle.

Graffiti causes permanent damage at popular open space in Colorado

Graffiti at the Red Rock Canyon Open Space. Photo Credit: CSPD.

CSPD issued the following statement on Monday, “We want everyone’s voices to be heard, and we are grateful to be standing beside our community as we move forward, but we do not wish for the property to be damaged in the process. While we can clean our headquarters, the natural sandstone rock formations at Red Rock Canyon Open Space are permanently damaged. We are thankful to serve Colorado Springs and only ask that all of us, together, take care of our beautiful city.”

A report from FOX21 News says CSPD are actively investigating the situation and do not have a suspect description.

Red Rock Canyon Open Space is a popular spot for outdoor recreation, located within minutes from downtown Colorado Springs. It attracts rock climbers, mountain bikers, and hikers to its many interconnected trails, also providing trail access to a number of other natural spots in the area. Local officials have spent years reclaiming the area, rebuilding it from its former past as a mining site and landfill.

Red paint was also thrown on the front sign of the Police Operations Center in Colorado Springs, along with windows being reportedly smashed out at the police headquarters and courthouse. The General Palmer statue standing downtown has also been tagged with spray paint.


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