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In this file photo, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis holds up his face mask to make a point during a news conference on the state's efforts against the spread of the coronavirus on Tuesday, May 26, 2020, in Denver.

Wednesday afternoon Gov. Jared Polis is expected to announce that the state will issue a $375 check to every person collecting unemployment during the pandemic.

The reason? Because President Trump and Congress failed to deliver, Polis told Colorado Politics Wednesday. The aid would apply to people formerly making up to $52,000 a year. Polis expects about 435,000 Coloradans to get relief from the state response.

They won't have to apply, and they will receive it in their normal unemployment insurance payments.

The $168 million total is available in the state's emergency fund and money that was budgeted and not spent in state government over the last year, Polis said

He hopes to get people the one-time money the first week of December.

The U.S. House passed a second stimulus package in May, but it stalled out in the Senate. With next week's election, state and local communities don't know if or when they'll receive help.

The $375 is good for families but it's also good for Colorado's economy, since the money would be spent immediately.

"That's money that will help stores and restaurants and the overall economy," the governor said.

That makes it unlike the first federal relief money, up to $1,200, which went out to families whether they had sustained a job loss or not, so many people saved the money.

Reporting by ColoradoPolitics.com.


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Kevin M.

It seems easy to blame Trump for everything.. Congress is to blame for holding up more stimulus. Polis is trying to look like a good guy with this payment and blame the president.


Sorry mentally ill perverted governor if you want to blame someone blame Nancy Pelosi and the spineless Democrats.

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