Photo courtesy of the Fort Collins Police Services via Facebook.

Photo courtesy of the Fort Collins Police Services via Facebook.

A good Samaritan sprung into action last week to help save a dog and its owner from drowning in icy lake waters in Colorado. 

Fort Collins Police Services say a man fell through the ice while attempting to retrieve his dog who ran out onto a frozen lake in Fort Collins. The ice broke and both fell through. That's when the good Samaritan stepped in – after hearing witnesses call out for help.

A man named Raphael ran about one-fourth of a mile to where the man and his dog had fallen into the icy cold waters.

Luckily, the City of Fort Collins Forestry technician happened to be by the lake. Raphael also had previous experience with ice water rescue after volunteering with Boulder County Search and Rescue.

Raphael was able to get both the man and his dog safely out of the water. He then began taking precautionary measures to prevent hypothermia until first responders arrived on the scene.

"Thank you, Rafael, for your quick thinking, selfless efforts, and for springing into action to save two lives," stated police following the dire situation in what they are calling "a twist of incredible luck."

Editor's Note: Always keep your pets on a leash. If your dog falls through the ice, do not follow or attempt to rescue them. Instead, immediately contact local fire and rescue crews for help.

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Too many people die going after their dogs that fall into icy lakes. Glad that this person didn't join their number. Leash them up!

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