Colorado state Photo Credit: yorkfoto (iStock).

Photo Credit: yorkfoto (iStock).

Each year, popular review website Yelp releases their list of the 'top 100 places to eat' in the United States, based on a variety of criteria that includes the opinion of their vast online community. Released in mid-February, four Colorado restaurants made the cut.

Ranking the highest on the list was Pho Haus, a Denver Vietnamese restaurant. This spot snuck into the top quarter of the list with a ranking of 25th. Reviewers of this restaurant rave about menu items such as the traditional pho, rice bowls, and banh mi sliders.

Found just outside of Denver, Littleton's Latke Love earned the 27th-place ranking on Yelp's list, ranking second among the four Colorado's restaurants that were included. As one might expect, this spot specializes in latkes, a type of pancake typically made with grated potato. One popular menu item here is the 'Oy Vey Calienté', which comes with four potato latkes, a spicy vegetarian or pork green chile topping, cheddar cheese, and a fried egg.

The third Colorado restaurant to claim a ranking on America's top 100 places to eat was Denver's Esters Neighborhood Cafe, ranking 43rd. Known for speciality pizzas and a friendly atmosphere, the unique, high-quality topping combinations here keep patrons coming back.

A third Denver spot, and fourth Colorado spot, also made the cut – Lucky Noodles, ranking 51st. Found on East Colfax, this Thai restaurant offers up addictive versions of classics like Pad Thai, fried rice, and a variety of curries. One unique item found here is the 'pork roti' – roti filled with pork belly.

In 2020, two Colorado restaurants made the list. Ranking the highest last year was Yahya's Mediterranean Grill and Pastries in Denver, ranking 32nd. Denver's Taqueria La Familia was also included, ranking 39th.

What's another Colorado spot that belongs on the list of best places to eat in America? Let us know in the comments. 

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Chimney park. Windsor Colorado. Outstanding!


I haven't been to all of these restaurants, but I absolutely stopped trusting Yelp at all about 5 years ago. They were extremely aggressive about trying to get my advertising dollars from my business listing, and when I refused and asked them to stop calling, they hid the reviews on my page. It seems like there are only a handful of restaurants that ever make it to the top of the list, and they're not the same highly rated ones on Google Maps.


Colorado is beautiful, but everywhere we ate, the food was terrible. That was from reading reviews. We ended up just going to popular chains the rest of our vacation, as we at least knew what we were paying for.


1. sanjuanjared, please consider being kind!! It could mean the world to these businesses to get national recognition after such a hard year for restaurants. If you've had the pleasure of eating at any of them, you'd understand that they were listed for the vibe they bring to their neighborhoods as well as their delicious offerings. Just because it's not your cup of tea doesn't mean you need to spit in it.

2. I believe it's Esters Neighborhood Pub, not "cafe" =]


Just more proof that Yelp has lost all credibility. Who even pays attention to Yelp anymore?


2020 wasn't awful enough for you?? you now have to bring your awful attitude into this new year? take a hike bruh, seems like you need some serious grounding... [rolleyes][thumbdown]


Third was listed twice. It should say, "A fourth Denver spot also made the cut – Lucky Noodles, ranking 51st."

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