Profile of man in mask Photo Credit: eranicle (iStock).

Photo Credit: eranicle (iStock).

Police in Loveland, Colorado are investigating a violent incident that occurred over the weekend, allegedly involving improper mask wearing, a cell phone videographer, and a weaponized window scraper.

According to a report from 9News Denver, surveillance footage from a Loveland Safeway grocery store captured a 27-year-old male approaching a 40-year-old male exiting the store with his bandana-style mask around his neck. The 27-year-old confronted the man and appears to record the interaction.

Witnesses report that the 27-year-old followed the older man to his vehicle, where the 40-year-old used an ice scraper for windows from his car to strike the younger male. When struck, the 27-year-old allegedly fell to the ground and dropped his phone, which was then grabbed and broken by the older man who soon left the scene.

Both men could face charges for their actions.

Currently, wearing masks is required for most at indoor public places around Colorado, including the Safeway mentioned in this story. Governor Jared Polis most recently extended the statewide mask mandate for an additional 30 days on November 9.

This is the latest of multiple COVID-19-related altercations that have occurred in Colorado. In one instance, an Aspen man pleaded guilty after coughing on a woman's face. The woman had complained that the man was not implementing proper social distancing while on a local trail.

The COVID-19 pandemic in Colorado continues to surge, with 3,826 daily new cases reported at last data release. Of the 14,904 total COVID-19 hospitalizations that have occurred, 1,633 are confirmed and current. (See the most up-to-date data from the State of Colorado here).

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Sounds like the 27-year-old got exactly what he deserved. Sounds like he's nothing but a little goose stepper. Kowtowing to the man. Who remembers when the man was bad?


I'd like to check out that ice scraper. Probably more like a potato hoe.


The 27-year-old was knocked to the ground by an ice-scraper after confronting a man for not wearing his "mask" while walking outside?

Is that a "double Nancy"?


The disease isn’t going to kill us. It will be people instead.

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