The flag of the fictional country of Zamunda hanging from the Royal Gorge Bridge on March, 5, 2021.

The flag of the fictional country of Zamunda hanging from the Royal Gorge Bridge on March, 5, 2021. 


To promote the release of the film "Coming 2 America," out today, Amazon Studios has hung a 120 x 75 foot flag from the Royal Gorge Bridge. It's the largest flag to ever hang from the bridge and is intended to welcome the fictional royal family in the film to the United States. A royal bridge for a royal family, of course. 

The flag features the crest for the fictional country of Zamunda and the face of Eddie Murphy's character in the movie, King Akeem. The flag will be displayed on March 5. 

"Coming 2 America" is the sequel to the 1988 film "Coming to America," which followed the journey of then Prince Akeem as he traveled to Queens, New York from Zamunda to find himself a bride. The sequel follows a similar plot, this time with King Akeem's son discovering a wife in an unexpected place. Colorado isn't featured in either film. 

What do you think of this movie promotion? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Gazette TV critic Terry Terrones is a member of the Television Critics Association and the Critics Choice Association. You can follow him on Twitter at @terryterrones.


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I think hanging this rag from the Royal gorge bridge in Colorado is pretty lame as Colorado has nothing to do with the movie.

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