Multiple swift water rescue teams likely saved the life of a Colorado pet earlier this month, safely recovering a yellow lab that had been missing for multiple days.

After disappearing during a camping trip near the Coulson Gulch Trailhead in Boulder County on June 2, owners searched daily for their missing dog named Mowgly. The owners, along with friends, searched for three days before someone spotted Mowgly at the top of a rock outcropping on June 5 above the North Saint Vrain Creek. It is believed that Mowgly initially fell into the creek, but was able to escape to the dry, but inaccessible, rocky outcropping.

Dog missing for days saved by adventurous rescue in Colorado

Mowgly can be spotted near the tree on this rock outcropping above North St. Vrain Creek. Photo Credit: Boulder Emergency Squad.

Three swift water rescue crews sprung into action, using a rope system to safely get Mowgly across the water and to safety. In order to set up the Tyrolean traverse rope rescue system, two rescue swimmers crossed the water at a safe location before hiking to Mowgly and rigging the set-up. A dog harness was used to take Mowgly across the creek and to safety.

Dog missing for days saved by adventurous rescue in Colorado

Mowgly the dog gets rescued. Photo Credit Boulder Emergency Squad.

Mowgly was a good boy during the rescue and was returned to his owners uninjured.

If you’re taking your dog into Colorado’s natural space, it’s important to follow all posted rules for the safety of your animal and others. In this case, some sort of tie-out may have prevented Mowgly from getting separated from his owners. Thankfully this story had a happy ending.

Dog missing for days saved by adventurous rescue in Colorado

Mowgly and one of his rescuers. Photo Credit: Boulder Emergency Squad.

Thanks goes out to rescue teams involved, as well as the friends that joined in on the search. Rescue teams involved included staff from Lyons Fire Protection District, Boulder Emergency Squad, and the Boulder Fire Department.


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