Denver Mayor Michael Hancock pictured before holding a press conference on Oct. 13, 2020.

"I humbly ask you to forgive decisions that are borne of my heart and not my head," tweeted Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, addressing his constituents after leaving the state for a Thanksgiving celebration despite many times telling those in Denver to avoid doing so.

Mayor Hancock sparked controversy after leaving Colorado for Mississippi on Wednesday morning to spend Thanksgiving with his wife and daughter, who were already out-of-state. According to Hancock, his daughter had recently taken a job in Mississippi and he felt that it would be safer for him to travel there for holiday celebrations opposed to them traveling to Colorado.

"I made my decision as a husband and father," said Hancock. Hancock had previously announced that his family had canceled their traditional multi-household Thanksgiving celebration, though Hancock did not share that another multi-household inter-state gathering would be taking its place.

"I recognize that my decision has disappointed many who believe it would have been better to spend Thanksgiving alone," stated Hancock.

In weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, Hancock repeatedly encouraged Denverites to avoid gathering with anyone outside of their household. On the day of his trip to Mississippi, Hancock's Twitter account tweeted instructions to "avoid travel, if you can" and to "host virtual gatherings instead of in-person dinners."

As might be expected, Hancock's decision prompted a large amount of online backlash.

Hancock's series of five tweets issuing the apologies garnered hundreds of likes, but thousands of comments. The majority of those comments seem to express anger at his decision.

Twitter user @kymmikaes wrote "I have voted for you, supported you, and defended you [...] I am so damn embarrassed and pissed off."

Twitter user @mtsmith81 wrote "If you had any respect for the office or constituents, you'd resign."

"I don't care if you went or stayed home," wrote Twitter user @FuTB12, "Just don't order others to do what you won't do."

Read the full Hancock apology below:

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I heard that Hancock was originally heading to Cabo San Lucas but changed his plans after he was outed. I heard it on Newmax, anyone hear it? I am guessing that he was probably going there to meet someone other than his wife.


Had a big convention to go to with Gavin Newsome. :)


Right. Something like that. An expensive dinner on the taxpayer’s....and most importantly the expense of the backlash of a pandemic!

Keith Limbird

Your apology makes no sense at all. If you do something that you know you shouldn't be doing and you have told others not to do, then there is no reason to do it. And there is no basis to plead for forgiveness. You are just a filthy lying bureaucrat. Just admit it.


He’s on his third term and won’t get re-elected. He should resign. A disgrace for Denver. But, everyone that did the right thing? People are better than the elected officials! Anyone interested in “welcome home” protest signs?


Very disappointed in your decision to go to Mississippi for the holiday. Doesn't matter whether you apologized or not words are cheap its action that counts you asked others to stay away from family. But you didn't no matter what the lame excuse is..


You want us to forgive you why when you told everyone to stay home and then you have the nerve to out of state to see your family how dare you I hope you can live with your self what you put this state though




Once you figure out how to steal votes you can do whatever you want


Typical Democrat politician. Do as I say, not as I do.

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