A young coyote that was killed after biting a woman in Yuma, Colorado. Photo Courtesy: Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

A young coyote that was killed after biting a woman in Yuma, Colorado. Photo Courtesy: Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

A Colorado woman was bitten by a coyote pup on Tuesday in Yuma, Colorado while multiple families were trying to pet and play with the animal, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. The young coyote was euthanized as a result.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife found out about the incident after getting a phone call from a doctor that had seen the woman, who had minor injuries, as a patient. Upon investigation, officials discovered that the coyote, found wearing a dog collar and leash, had been taken in by another individual. It was clear to officials that the animal had been habituated by people in the community who had been feeding it.

The coyote was ultimately euthanized in order to collect a brain sample for rabies testing. The results from that test are still pending, but the woman who was bitten is getting a rabies shot as a precaution.

Wildlife officials reminded the public to never interact with wild animals. Feeding big game animals, a designation that includes both fox and coyotes, is illegal. Fines for doing so start at $100 and go up from there.

When animals are fed by humans, they start to expect food from humans, which can lead to a negative interactions and aggressive behavior. When this occurs, the animal is typically the one that faces the consequence in death. Prevent animal euthanizations by keeping wildlife at a distance. If you can't use your thumb to cover the animal at the end of an outstretched arm, you're too close.

The town of Yuma is located in northeast Colorado.

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(9) comments


So is this woman and those involved in attempting to domesticate this pup going to be criminally charged CPW?


The killing of the coyote was so messed up. The coyote did nothing wrong and only bit after some idiot tries to play with him. The woman was being treated anyway so why not just observe the coyote. Heartless decision by some jerk with authority.


Here we go again!!! Another wild animal “Killed” by authorities because of “ Stupid” humans. Innocent animal and stupid people = Death to Animal. If you can kill an animal so quickly without getting more information perhaps the department of wildlife employees need to be more educated.

jim remley

Frustrating - but if you look, you will find that the CPW "employees" are extremely well educated, understand the dynamics of managing wildlife very well, are poorly paid, do their jobs because they are passionate about wildlife conservation and have to follow laws that require certain consequences; sadly at times resulting in the death of wildlife, because people do stupid stuff.


I disagree. My experience with CPW is that they have turned into a wildlife slaughter operation, with a long list of birds and a few other species that they can kill and they go after it without fully looking into other solutions. This policy to always kill the wild animal no matter what happened is immmoral and harmful to our environment and wildlife populations. I'm also very disappointed in Denver Parks & Rec, and it's director Scott Gilmore is a liar and not caring toward wildlife populations, as he's focused just on self-serving justifications for killing wildlife.


Wow, why kill the coyote? That is so lame


There’s a short window to counter rabies, and the only definitive way to rule out rabies in the coyote is a necroscopy.

Sucks that the young coyote ends up dead because of ignorance in the supposed intelligent species.


Woman was already being treated for rabies so it was not needed. You can also observe the animal in quarantine. They chose not to. Sadly the pup lost it's life due to its species. Had it been a collie it would have been different.

jim remley

Dumb people = dead coyote

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