Colorado Springs air force bases announce coronavirus cases, declare public health emergency

The Royal Air Force Red Arrows aerobatic team fly over Peterson Air Force Base in formation on Monday, Sept. 16, 2019. The teams landed at Peterson before heading over the the Air Force Academy to meet with cadets. (Parker Seibold/The Gazette)

The United States Air Force Academy and Peterson and Schriever air force bases announced public health emergency protocols after positive COVID-19 cases were reported Monday, officials said.

An active duty service member and a dependent of Peterson Air Force Base have tested positive for COVID-19, officials said in a news release. The two confirmed cases are unrelated, the news release said. Both individuals are quarantined and receiving support and medical care. Peterson declared a public health emergency for the base due to the evolving spread of COVID-19. As a result, commanders are asked to limit in-office activities. The emergency order is in place for 30 days.

Schriever also announced a positive case of COVID-19 Monday. A 50th Space Wing government civilian has been in isolation at home since March 17 and is receiving care, the base said in a news release. Officials began closing base facilities, restricting movement and implementing isolation and quarantine where appropriate, a news release said.

Although no coronavirus cases have been confirmed at the U.S. Air Force Academy, the institution elevated its health protection level Monday night. Steps to combat the spread of the virus include strict hygiene measures such as no handshaking, frequent hand-washing and cleaning common-use items often; social distancing, implementing telework and changes to hours of the exchange and commissary. The academy will remain open for official business only.

Precautionary measures in place at Peterson Air Force Base:

-Outdoor recreation will temporarily be closed.

-Military Personnel Facility will remain open for appointments only.

-Promotion testing will be postponed effective March 30.

-Dental clinic services will be limited to readiness related appointments and dental emergencies.

-Base medical clinic remains open, but with limited capacity. If possible, consider booking a virtual appointment with your primary care manager rather than a face-to-face visit. All appointments can be made by calling 719-524-2273 option –COVID-19 point of testing remains open to those with appointments at the Peterson car wash.

Precautionary measures at Schriever include closures of

the Child Development Center and School Age Center; outdoor recreation framing and engraving; fitness center and indoor running track, event center and Bennie’s. The base shuttle service inside and outside the restricted area will be suspended and food truck service is also suspended.


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