Map Of Colorado Photo Credit: 200mm (iStock).

Photo Credit: 200mm (iStock).

While Colorado is home to a number of contenders for any 'most beautiful places in the country' list, popular blog 'Attractions of America' selected one spot in Colorado to be placed among their top 10 'most beautiful places' in the United States and featured another on their full list of top 50 places.

Debatably Colorado's most photographed spot, the Maroon Bells destination was ranked as the 4th most beautiful place to visit in the country. Consisting of two peaks above 14,000 feet Maroon Peak and North Maroon Peak, along with stunning lakes near the base, people travel from afar to witness the beauty of this scene firsthand. Plus, visiting this scene is simple thanks to a shuttle service with a hub in nearby Aspen Highlands.

Maroon Bells near Aspen, Colorado. Photo Credit: grandriver (iStock).

Maroon Bells near Aspen, Colorado. Photo Credit: grandriver (iStock).

Some visitors attempt to summit the mountain on trails rated class three or higher. The trails are extremely dangerous, earning the duo of mountains the nickname 'The Deadly Bells.'

The Maroon Bells were topped by the Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming (1st), Antelope Canyon in Arizona (2nd), and the Skagit Valley Tulip Fields in Washington (3rd).

Another Colorado spot made the greater list of 'top 50 most beautiful places' in the country – Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, in 37th.

Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado USA (copy)

The Great Sand Dunes. Photo Credit: benedek (iStock).

Consisting of the tallest dunes in North America (up to 750 feet tall) and backdropped by a mountain range that climbs above 14,000 feet above sea level, this spot is home to one of the most stunning and most unique landscapes in the country.

What's another Colorado attraction that you think belongs on a list of America's most beautiful spots? Let us know in the comments.

See the full list of beautiful places here.

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You know what's funny? Some schm*uck writes a puff piece about something he/she knows absolutely nothing about and when you get to the comments you are brought to reality. This writer knows nothing about Colorado and what life is truly like here. Stories like this are causing our state to go down the drain faster and faster.

Mountain woman

In fact, yes,our bells are incredibly beautiful, but camping is very restricted here. Too much love and not enough respect. This year, with so many more people spending time in the wilderness, but just completely unconscious about how to behave in the backcountry, they have caused so much damage that all of these beautiful places are becoming much more restricted. Don't expect to come here and think you can just drive up there and camp just anywhere. Reservations on our campgrounds are sometimes necessary over a year in advance. Those people are ruining it for everyone!


Unfortunately folks like yourselves who exploit Colorado for money encourage and create such over crowding and over use these places have lost their magic. Most of these fragile places are now so overun and and crowded with tourists with dogs crapping everywhere, swarms of utvs, noise, trash and vandalism that we are in danger of losing access to them all together. Dispersed camping is already becoming a crime around the Crested Butte area and some trails are being closed while others are so overun the Forest Service is starting a permit system to restrict access. Colorado and many other places are being destroyed right before our eyes because of the greed of establishments such as yours.

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