Durango Colorado Photo Credit: Starcevic (iStock).

Photo Credit: Starcevic (iStock).

Described as being "tucked away far from the bustling Denver metro area," the mountain town of Durango was recently ranked 3rd on RunRepeat.com's list of the 15 'most livable hiking towns' in America. It was the only Colorado spot to make the cut, with selections being detailed as "vacation-worthy destinations that you can actually call home."

It's explained in the piece that Durango was selected thanks to its location away from the crowds and its close proximity to many top-notch hiking trails. Despite the rapid population growth seen around the state in recent years, Durango's population has increased from about 15,000 to just 18,000 over the past decade, allowing it to maintain its small town feel.

In regard to the quality of local hiking, the piece states that there are close to 50 trails in the area that stretch for a total of more than 115 miles.

While Durango was the most expensive town in the top five to be featured on the ranking, its listed median property value of $380,000 isn't quite as expensive as many of the other mountain towns scattered around the state. Plus, a median household income of $60,000 was the highest among the top five selections.

One factor that contributes to Durango's livability is a booming economy that goes year-round. Education, healthcare, and technology services all have a foothold here.

Outdoor recreation in Durango isn't just about the hiking trails either, with the Animas River cutting through the town's center. Another nice aspect about Durango is that it's a great access point for other stunning mountain towns that can be found nearby – ones that are quite far from most Coloradans – including Telluride, Silverton, and Ouray.

It's also worth noting that while Durango is small and relatively remote, it's big enough to have multiple supermarkets, many restaurants, and a thriving local events scene.

A fine selection among Colorado's mountain communities and a place where there's no shortage of hiking trails or suitable jobs, Durango's position as the 3rd-most livable hiking town in America seems deserved and makes sense.

Do you think a different mountain town is more livable for those seeking a destination that caters to hiking? Let us know in the comments.

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Spencer McKee is OutThere Colorado's Director of Content and Operations. In his spare time, Spencer loves to hike, rock climb, and trail run. He's on a mission to summit all 58 of Colorado's fourteeners and has already climbed more than half.


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(10) comments


Golden is a Fantastic hiking town!!!! Why do all the stupid hikes everyone show as great not include North and South Table Mts and Mt Galbraith or Green Mt or Dakota Ridge with a side trail to Dinosaur Footprints

Jackie Treehorn

You are correct. Golden best place to move in CO.


This. Publications keep doing stories about visiting/moving to "small undiscovered mountain towns" which brings in people, which ends up destroying the thing that brought people there in the first place. Please stop 🤦‍♂️


Please don't mention Durango. Yes it is a nice area, BUT too many people are flooding in here and the traffic is horrendous. There are not enough roads for all the cars. Sure the "city" of Durango may seem like it is small, but the city limit takes in a small area, most everyone lives in the multitudes of suburbs around Durango and there are hundreds of subdivisions. So it is a misnomer to say Durango is a small city. We just can't take any more cars added to our overburdened roads. Like someone commented, Colorado Springs is calling your name.


I live in East L.A.. My familia just hit the lottery. Planning on moving the entire clan to Durango. Agent showing us some nice large houses with acreage. Looking forward to seeing my new vecinos. Hoping to open a tattoo shop on Main St. Adios

Jackie Treehorn

Funny but probably more true than most of us would like.




"While Durango was the most expensive town in the top five to be featured on the ranking, its median property value of $380,000 isn't quite as expensive as many of the other mountain towns scattered around the state."

Do your research. You'll be hard-pressed to find a single-family home in Durango for less than $600,000 currently.


[cool]. PAGOSA SPRINGS😍😘❤💙

Jackie Treehorn

Stay away. That $380,000 will maybe get you a one bedroom condo near town. There is little to no affordable rentals in town as well. The place is getting overrun. Colorado Springs is calling you.

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